A note from Rich (participant in Vault Voyage Devon 2021)

I signed up for the Vault Voyage,  Devon 2021, for a number of reasons. Firstly I felt like a I needed a break, to step away from my day-to-day life and do something different. But I also had an expectation that it would help me assess my actions in relationships, both professional and person, and guide me where I want to go with those. These were my pre-journey expectations anyway.

I found the whole experience that we went through to be highly enjoyable with elements that went above and beyond.  The workshops really helped me focus on some aspects of my life that were in need of work. Some of them I hadn't even considered needing work before embarking. It also became clear at the end of our week together that great amounts of thought and effort had been put into the workshops by the coaches to bring everything to a final destination. 

The physical side of it I found to be a greater challenge than I expected, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I knew we would be working out daily, but it became something I needed to conquer and only added to my enjoyment. I was also carrying an injury and alternatives for some exercises were provided. What people should remember going into this, is there's no judgement in deciding to not participate in something if you are tired or feel like you need a rest. Do what your body is telling you. The coaches are extremely flexible and can adapt to the general feeling of the group.

What I enjoyed most was the engagement with others. Especially when in the eighteen months leading up to the voyage I'd had very little communication outside of my family and work, particularly face-to-face. It turned out that listening to the perceptions of others from different backgrounds and professions was just what I needed at that time. This was only enhanced by the fact the workshops, workouts and mealtimes were all communal by nature and were enhanced by the participation of others.

Rachel and Sarah can literally not do enough for you. If you need time to talk to them alone, if you want particular types of snacks, whatever it is you need they are there to help you.

The thing that surprised me the most was how much you yourself can bring to proceedings with your perspective. You never know how your life situation and take on a subject can influence and help others. But mainly you can help yourself a lot and gain a lot of clarity of space by going on a Vault Voyage.

- Rich, UK