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Creating week-long retreats 

dedicated to the

exploration & expansion

for your

mind, body & soul

all around the world

What we're about

You, we are about YOU & your experiences!

When we first sat down to build Vault Voyages, we kept it simple, we wanted to create experiences that combine the best parts of life: travel, fitness, food, personal development, adventure & relaxation. Vault Voyages are all about offering you immersive weeks that engage all of your senses, with each destination carrying its own distinctive focus. 


Our voyages are your chance to step outside your everyday life & meet like-minded people while also being able to reconnect with yourself. We integrate working out, coaching workshops, yoga, local adventures, down time - you name it - in order for you to nourish your mind, body & soul.

We have a talented team of wellness professionals, fitness trainers, yogis, coaches and local tour guides joining all of our voyages to offer you support physically & mentally. 

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What you can expect (ish!)

Unique destinations & local adventures

Delicious food cooked by our personal chefs

Nature, lots of nature

Fitness, yoga & movement


coaching workshops


learning & growth


people &



lots of

m*ther f*cking


Down time

Chill time

Hang time

Time for reflection

Calling all explorers!

Calling all expanders!

We get you, we see you, we have created this for you

"If you want to do something for yourself, to really ground yourself and come back to what is important to you, then this is the perfect opportunity."

- Past Retreat Attendee

"I appreciated the balanced itinerary, the tailoring to each individual and the great group of like minded people"

- Past Retreat Attendee

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Past & Upcoming Retreats